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When it comes to conversion, preciseness and accuracy are the keywords we look  for. We at Precise Conversions are taking extra care to meet these lines by providing  precise result set in all kinds of conversions wether its unit conversion, money trasnfer or Paypal Conversion. We offer free online unit conversions, measurements and sceintific calculations.
We Support Unit Conversions for Oil, Gas, Petroleum, Power, Energy, Currecncy, Force,Weight, Volume, Dry Volume, Density, Flow, Temperature, Time, Area, Acceleration and so many other categories. Results are calclulated using scientific modes to do conversions and find equavalants.

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Your Spy and Tracker

Precise Software has now launched a series of Mobile Spy Software for Android Phone. Do you want to keep an eye on your partner, spouse, husband, wife or buddies and protect them from any unforeseen situations?

Your Tracker Pro

Your tracker helps you do that in a mutually trusted manner. You and your partner can agree to install "Your Tracker" on both mobiles using a mutually shared but secret pin. Then you both will be able to track each others mobile phone, calls, sms messages and location.
It helps you to:
Check their call logs? Read their SMS? Check their location? Read their Phonebook?
Need automatic hourly alerts about their whereabouts, calls, messages? Here you are!!!
This version comes with paid subscription for 3 months. If you want to try a basic version you can download it from google play:
Basic & Trial Version Install Your Tracker from Google Play
Your Tracker can also help you as guardians, buddies, friends keeping track of what your loved ones are at. You can configure Your Spy to automatically inform you about their whereabouts and who they are talking to by a simple SMS notification.
If you need to track multiple family members and friends mutually, all in one click you can use following app: Your Family Guardian in Google Play
Your Tracker is an an android phone app that now makes things very easy for you. Please make sure, you set same secret pin on all devices you are tracking on and same on your mobile.
Whenever you need tracking info from other mobile, click "Get Tracking Data", enter the mobile number of the person you are tracking and you will receive location, SMS or call data for last one hour if any. You will receive an initial stock of 25 coins to get started, you can also buy more coins if needed.
You can also use emergency alarm signal to notify your friend of an emergency situation, this will trigger emergency alarm on their mobile, wherever they are.
Now you can also search for phonebook contacts on other mobile. If you just need a family contact directory, you can use following application: Family Phone Directory in Google Play
Your Tracker works like a tracking agent, that can be used to track, protect, safeguard and notify the loved ones for various different day to day situations. You can also use Your Tracker to catch a cheating spouse/partner/wife/husband/boy friend/girl friend. You both can install "Your Tracker" on both mobiles using same pin and this will keep you from doing any unfair business that your partner may not like. This will also keep check on your partner in similar fashion.
Best Part, "Your Tracker" works any where in the word, you can track anyone anywhere. We give you a clean app experience, no popups, no selling games, you just get what you asked for!!!
NOTE: Your Tracker works on mutual trust, as you are sharing same pin so both mobiles can request call logs, sms messages, location and contact info from each other and you can use this data to help each other in the time of needs and to build an environment of trust and transparency.
You can also request us for new features or something very customized and tailored for your needs.
Privacy Policy: By installing this app, you agree that you and your loved ones can get mobile data (call logs, sms, location, contacts) from each other's phones. Your Tracker can be used only on the mobiles phones you own and are authorized to install. You are responsible to comply with all the laws of your country related to monitoring software.
Disclaimer: This App is not designed for any real life emergency handling and neither for illegal spying. Developer does not take any responsibility for any consequences of its improper usage. Please use it properly and carefully and dont share your secret pin with others. This app is designed to help you protect your loved ones and take good care of them.

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Money Transfer, Paypal to MoneyBookers, MoneyBookers to Paypal, PayPal to QuickBooks Import

Money Transfer Services

You can now transfer money between Paypal and MoneyBookers using our Money Transfer Service. This service is only available to our registered users while registration is free, we just charge a transfer fee per transaction. For more information and to transfer money click here.

Paypal To QuickBooks Conversion (Now Available)

Precise Conversions Now presents special conversion services for converting Paypal History Files to QuickBooks Importable File by mapping Chart of Account Files. This service helps you to synchronize your paypal transactions to your QuickBook Accounts with ease of few clicks. This synchronization is available online as a subscription based service for any paypal user. You would simply go through a wizard, provide your paypal history file and your Chart of Accounts. We will collect the mapping information and You can get your processed file downloaded, you are done. Click here to start.

Money Transfer, Paypal to MoneyBookers, MoneyBookers to Paypal, PayPal to QuickBooks Import

Petroleum Sector Unit Conversions (Oil,Gas,Energy)

Oil Unit Conversions , cu.ft , cu.yd , gal-(US) , gal-(Imp) , bbl-(Oil) , , litres , cu.m , MT , MMbbl , MMT , More...

Gas Unit Conversions , , cu.ft , cu.yd , cu.m , Mcf , MMcf , Bcf-(US) , Bcf-(UK) , Tcf , Bcm-(US) , Bcm-(UK) , More...

Energy Unit Conversions

cal , J , th , ft pdl , hph , BTU , kWh , KJ , GJ , MJ , Kcal , erg , therm , quad , BTU-(15) , BTU-(60/61) , BTU-(mean) , Chu , cal-(IT) , cal-(15) , TJ , Mcal , Gcal , Tcal , Wh , MMBTU , MWh , GWh , TWh , uJ , gm-force cm , ft-lb force , kg-force m , hp-(metric) h , hp-(electric) h , eV , MM-therm , More...

Power Unit Conversions

W , kW , MW , erg/s , kp m/s , prony , poncelet , hp-(metric) , cal/s , kcal/h , ft pdl/s , ft lbf/min , ft lbf/s , hp , BTU/h , hp-(electric) , GW , TW , More...

Common Unit Conversions

Currency Unit Conversions

US Dollar USD, Afghanistan Afghani AFN, Albanian Lek ALL, Algerian Dinar DZD, Andorran Franc ADF, Argentine Peso, Armenian Dram AMD, Australian Dollar, AUD Austrian Schilling ATS, Bahraini Dinar BHD, Bangladeshi Taka BDT, Belarusian Ruble BYR, Belgian Franc BEF, Bermudian Dollar BMD, Bhutan Ngultrum BTN, British Pound, Pakistan Rupee PKR, more...

Acceleration Unit Conversions

centimetre/second square, feet/second square, inch/second square, kilometre/hour-second, mile/hour-second, more...

Angle Unit Conversions

circle, degree, minute, second, octant, sextant, quadtant , More...

Area Unit Conversions

metre square, Centimetre square, Milimetre square, Kilometre square, Inch square, Feet square, Yard square, Mile square, Acres, Hactors, More...

Time Unit Conversions

Seconds , Minutes , Hours , Days , Weeks

Density Unit Conversions

Gram/Cm3, Kilogram/M3, Pound/In3, Pound/Ft3, Ounce/Gallon, Tons/Yard cube, More...

Energy Unit Conversions

Joules , Btu , calories , electronvolt , erg , watt hour , therm , toe , tce , More...

Flow Unit Conversions

centimetre cube/second , centimetre cube/minute , centimetre cube/hour , metre cube/second , metre cube/minute , metre cube/hour , metre cube/day , liter/second , liter/minute , liter/hour , liter/day , Feet cube/second , Feet cube/minute , Feet cube/hour , ounceuk}/second , ounceuk}/minute , ounceuk}/hour , ounce/second , ounce/minute , ounce/hour , gallonuk}/second , gallonuk}/minute , gallonuk}/hour , gallonuk}/day , gallon/second , gallon/minute , gallon/hour , gallon/day

Force Unit Conversions

gram force , kilogram force , kilonewton , newton , milinewton , ounce force , pound force , joules/centimetre , joules/metre , dynes , More...

Distance Unit Conversions

Meter , Centimeter , Milimeter , Kilometer , Inch , Feet , Yard , Mile , More...

Light Unit Conversions

flames , foot-candles , lux , metre-candles

CommonPower Unit Conversions

watts, kilowatts, megawatts, btu/second, btu/minute, btu/hour, pound-feet/second, pound-feet/minute, hoursepower, calories/second, More...

Pressure Unit Conversions

kilogram/centimetre square , kilogram/metre square , pascals , kilopascals , megapascals , bars , milibars , microbars , dynes/centimetre square , atmospher , pound/Inch square , pound/foot2 , psi , tons/Inch square , tons/foot2 , centimetre of mercury , milimetre of mercury , More...

Speed Unit Conversions

Metre/second , Metre/minute , Metre/hour , Kilometre/second , Kilometre/minute , Kilometre/hour , Feet/second , Feet/minute , Feet/hour , Mile/second , Mile/minute , Mile/hour , Knots , Machs , More...

Temperature Unit Conversions

Centegrade , kelvin , freinheat

Volume Unit Conversions

Liquid. metre cube , Centimetre cube , Mililiter , Liter , Hectoleter , Inch cube , Feet cube , Yard cube , Pint , Gallon , More...

VolumeDry Unit Conversions

barrels , bushels , litres , pecks , pints , quarts , More...

Weight Unit Conversions

Gram , Kilogram , Toone , Ounce , Pound , Ton , Grains , More...

Money Transfer, Paypal to MoneyBookers, MoneyBookers to Paypal, PayPal to QuickBooks Import

Money Transfer, Paypal to MoneyBookers, MoneyBookers to Paypal, PayPal to QuickBooks Import

Money Transfer, Paypal to MoneyBookers, MoneyBookers to Paypal, PayPal to QuickBooks Import