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US Dollar USD, Afghanistan Afghani AFN, Albanian Lek ALL, Algerian Dinar DZD, Andorran Franc ADF, Argentine Peso, Armenian Dram AMD, Australian Dollar, AUD Austrian Schilling ATS, Bahraini Dinar BHD, Bangladeshi Taka BDT, Belarusian Ruble BYR, Belgian Franc BEF, Bermudian Dollar BMD, Bhutan Ngultrum BTN, British Pound, Pakistan Rupee PKR...

Your Spy and Tracker

Precise Software has now launched a series of Mobile Spy Software for Android Phone. Do you want to keep an eye on your partner, spouse, husband, wife or buddies and protect them from any unforeseen situations?

Your Tracker Pro

Your tracker helps you do that in a mutually trusted manner. You and your partner can agree to install "Your Tracker" on both mobiles using a mutually shared but secret pin. Then you both will be able to track each others mobile phone, calls, sms messages and location.
It helps you to:
Check their call logs? Read their SMS? Check their location? Read their Phonebook?
Need automatic hourly alerts about their whereabouts, calls, messages? Here you are!!!
This version comes with paid subscription for 3 months. If you want to try a basic version you can download it from google play:
Basic & Trial Version Install Your Tracker from Google Play
Your Tracker can also help you as guardians, buddies, friends keeping track of what your loved ones are at. You can configure Your Spy to automatically inform you about their whereabouts and who they are talking to by a simple SMS notification.
If you need to track multiple family members and friends mutually, all in one click you can use following app: Your Family Guardian in Google Play
Your Tracker is an an android phone app that now makes things very easy for you. Please make sure, you set same secret pin on all devices you are tracking on and same on your mobile.
Whenever you need tracking info from other mobile, click "Get Tracking Data", enter the mobile number of the person you are tracking and you will receive location, SMS or call data for last one hour if any. You will receive an initial stock of 25 coins to get started, you can also buy more coins if needed.
You can also use emergency alarm signal to notify your friend of an emergency situation, this will trigger emergency alarm on their mobile, wherever they are.
Now you can also search for phonebook contacts on other mobile. If you just need a family contact directory, you can use following application: Family Phone Directory in Google Play
Your Tracker works like a tracking agent, that can be used to track, protect, safeguard and notify the loved ones for various different day to day situations. You can also use Your Tracker to catch a cheating spouse/partner/wife/husband/boy friend/girl friend. You both can install "Your Tracker" on both mobiles using same pin and this will keep you from doing any unfair business that your partner may not like. This will also keep check on your partner in similar fashion.
Best Part, "Your Tracker" works any where in the word, you can track anyone anywhere. We give you a clean app experience, no popups, no selling games, you just get what you asked for!!!
NOTE: Your Tracker works on mutual trust, as you are sharing same pin so both mobiles can request call logs, sms messages, location and contact info from each other and you can use this data to help each other in the time of needs and to build an environment of trust and transparency.
You can also request us for new features or something very customized and tailored for your needs.
Privacy Policy: By installing this app, you agree that you and your loved ones can get mobile data (call logs, sms, location, contacts) from each other's phones. Your Tracker can be used only on the mobiles phones you own and are authorized to install. You are responsible to comply with all the laws of your country related to monitoring software.
Disclaimer: This App is not designed for any real life emergency handling and neither for illegal spying. Developer does not take any responsibility for any consequences of its improper usage. Please use it properly and carefully and dont share your secret pin with others. This app is designed to help you protect your loved ones and take good care of them.

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Supported Currecny Conversions

US Dollar . USD
Afghanistan Afghani . AFN
Albanian Lek . ALL
Algerian Dinar . DZD
Andorran Franc . ADF
Andorran Peseta . ADP
Angolan Kwanza . AOA
Angolan New Kwanza . AON
Argentine Peso . ARS
Armenian Dram . AMD
Aruban Florin . AWG
Australian Dollar . AUD
Austrian Schilling . ATS
Azerbaijan Manat . AZM
Azerbaijan New Manat . AZN
Bahamian Dollar . BSD
Bahraini Dinar . BHD
Bangladeshi Taka . BDT
Barbados Dollar . BBD
Belarusian Ruble . BYR
Belgian Franc . BEF
Belize Dollar . BZD
Bermudian Dollar . BMD
Bhutan Ngultrum . BTN
Bolivian Boliviano . BOB
Bosnian Mark . BAM
Botswana Pula . BWP
Brazilian Real . BRL
British Pound . GBP
Brunei Dollar . BND
Bulgarian Lev . BGN
Burundi Franc . BIF
CFP Franc . XPF
Cambodian Riel . KHR
Canadian Dollar . CAD
Cape Verde Escudo . CVE
Cayman Islands Dollar . KYD
Chilean Peso . CLP
Chinese Yuan Renminbi . CNY
Colombian Peso . COP
Comoros Franc . KMF
Congolese Franc . CDF
Costa Rican Colon . CRC
Croatian Kuna . HRK
Cuban Convertible Peso . CUC
Cuban Peso . CUP
Cyprus Pound . CYP
Czech Koruna . CZK
Danish Krone . DKK
Djibouti Franc . DJF
Dominican R. Peso . DOP
Dutch Guilder . NLG
East Caribbean Dollar . XCD
Ecuador Sucre . ECS
Egyptian Pound . EGP
El Salvador Colon . SVC
Estonian Kroon . EEK
Ethiopian Birr . ETB
Euro . EUR
Falkland Islands Pound . FKP
Fiji Dollar . FJD
Finnish Markka . FIM
French Franc . FRF
Gambian Dalasi . GMD
Georgian Lari . GEL
German Mark . DEM
Ghanaian Cedi . GHC
Ghanaian New Cedi . GHS
Gibraltar Pound . GIP
Gold (oz.) . XAU
Greek Drachma . GRD
Guatemalan Quetzal . GTQ
Guinea Franc . GNF
Guyanese Dollar . GYD
Haitian Gourde . HTG
Honduran Lempira . HNL
Hong Kong Dollar . HKD
Hungarian Forint . HUF
Iceland Krona . ISK
Indian Rupee . INR
Indonesian Rupiah . IDR
Iranian Rial . IRR
Iraqi Dinar . IQD
Irish Punt . IEP
Israeli New Shekel . ILS
Italian Lira . ITL
Jamaican Dollar . JMD
Japanese Yen . JPY
Jordanian Dinar . JOD
Kazakhstan Tenge . KZT
Kenyan Shilling . KES
Kuwaiti Dinar . KWD
Kyrgyzstanian Som . KGS
Lao Kip . LAK
Latvian Lats . LVL
Lebanese Pound . LBP
Lesotho Loti . LSL
Liberian Dollar . LRD
Libyan Dinar . LYD
Lithuanian Litas . LTL
Luxembourg Franc . LUF
Macau Pataca . MOP
Macedonian Denar . MKD
Malagasy Ariary . MGA
Malagasy Franc . MGF
Malawi Kwacha . MWK
Malaysian Ringgit . MYR
Maldive Rufiyaa . MVR
Maltese Lira . MTL
Mauritanian Ouguiya . MRO
Mauritius Rupee . MUR
Mexican Peso . MXN
Moldovan Leu . MDL
Mongolian Tugrik . MNT
Moroccan Dirham . MAD
Mozambique Metical . MZM
Mozambique New Metical . MZN
Myanmar Kyat . MMK
NL Antillian Guilder . ANG
Namibia Dollar . NAD
Nepalese Rupee . NPR
New Zealand Dollar . NZD
Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro . NIO
Nigerian Naira . NGN
North Korean Won . KPW
Norwegian Kroner . NOK
Omani Rial . OMR
Pakistan Rupee . PKR
Palladium (oz.) . XPD
Panamanian Balboa . PAB
Papua New Guinea Kina . PGK
Paraguay Guarani . PYG
Peruvian Nuevo Sol . PEN
Philippine Peso . PHP
Platinum (oz.) . XPT
Polish Zloty . PLN
Portuguese Escudo . PTE
Qatari Rial . QAR
Romanian Lei . ROL
Romanian New Lei . RON
Russian Rouble . RUB
Rwandan Franc . RWF
Samoan Tala . WST
Sao Tome/Principe Dobra . STD
Saudi Riyal . SAR
Serbian Dinar . RSD
Seychelles Rupee . SCR
Sierra Leone Leone . SLL
Silver (oz.) . XAG
Singapore Dollar . SGD
Slovak Koruna . SKK
Slovenian Tolar . SIT
Solomon Islands Dollar . SBD
Somali Shilling . SOS
South African Rand . ZAR
South-Korean Won . KRW
Spanish Peseta . ESP
Sri Lanka Rupee . LKR
St. Helena Pound . SHP
Sudanese Dinar . SDD
Sudanese Old Pound . SDP
Sudanese Pound . SDG
Suriname Dollar . SRD
Suriname Guilder . SRG
Swaziland Lilangeni . SZL
Swedish Krona . SEK
Swiss Franc . CHF
Syrian Pound . SYP
Taiwan Dollar . TWD
Tajikistani Somoni . TJS
Tanzanian Shilling . TZS
Thai Baht . THB
Tonga Pa'anga . TOP
Trinidad/Tobago Dollar . TTD
Tunisian Dinar . TND
Turkish Lira . TRY
Turkish Old Lira . TRL
Turkmenistan Manat . TMM
Turkmenistan New Manat . TMT
Uganda Shilling . UGX
Ukraine Hryvnia . UAH
Uruguayan Peso . UYU
Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham . AED
Uzbekistan Som . UZS
Vanuatu Vatu . VUV
Venezuelan Bolivar . VEB
Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte . VEF
Vietnamese Dong . VND
Yemeni Rial . YER
Yugoslav Dinar . YUN
Zambian Kwacha . ZMK
Zimbabwe Dollar . ZWD