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Oil Unit Conversions: ,cu.ft ,cu.yd ,gal-(US) , gal-(Imp) ,bbl-(Oil), ,litres ,cu.m ,MT ,MMbbl ,MMT PS: Care must be taken when converting an oil barrel (bbl) to other units of volume, such as cubic metres (m3). Because oil changes in volume depending upon its pressure and temperature, and the standard temperatures differ slightly between the American conventional and international metric systems, the volume must be corrected to standard conditions for temperature and pressure if an extremely accurate conversion is required.[citation needed] Standards bodies such as the American Petroleum Institute (API) have adopted the convention that if oil is measured in oil barrels, it will be at 14.696 psi and 60 °F, whereas if it is measured in cubic metres, it will be at 101.325 kPa and 15 °C (or in some cases 20 °C). The pressures are the same (normal air pressure at sea level) but the temperatures are different — 60 °F is about 15.56 °C, 15 °C is 59 °F, and 20 °C is 68 °F. Ignoring the difference between 60 °F and 20 °C may introduce an error of around 0.4%. The difference in volume depends on the oil's composition, indicated by its density or API gravity. In warming from 15 °C to 60 °F, a heavy oil with API gravity of 20 (932 kg/m3) will increase in volume by 0.039%. A light oil with API gravity of 35 (848 kg/m3) will increase in volume by 0.047%. Empirically derived lookup tables must be used to do very accurate conversions. The weight never changes, though, except by possible evaporation. However, if all that is needed is to convert a volume in barrels to a volume in cubic metres without compensating for temperature differences, then this is very straightforward. 1 barrel of oil (bbl) is defined as exactly 42 US liquid gallons. 1 US liquid gallon is defined as exactly 231 cubic inches. 1 inch is defined as exactly 0.0254 metres. Therefore, 1 bbl = (42 × 231 × 0.02543) m3 = 0.158987294928 m3 exactly (approximately 159 litres). It is unusual for crude oil volumes to be measured to better than 5 significant figures of accuracy so 0.15899 m3 may be an adequate factor to use in simple conversions. Source: Wikipedia

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Oil Unit Conversions: ,cu.ft ,cu.yd ,gal-(US) , gal-(Imp) ,bbl-(Oil), ,litres ,cu.m ,MT ,MMbbl ,MMT